Teaching Latin

A concentration in Latin or Classics is sponsored by the Department of the Classics. 

BA in Latin or Classics candidates interested in adding an Illinois State Educator’s License (Latin) may do so through the Foreign Language Teacher Education program.  This is an add-on to a degree (Classics does not offer a B.A.T.).  An educator’s license is generally required to teach in public schools in the U.S. and Illinois has reciprocal agreements with other states regarding the transfer of licensure.The FLTE program at Illinois has its own admission process and requirements. Candidates generally apply in their sophomore year. Candidates must maintain a minimum 2.5 (A+ = 4.0) cumulative and major grade point averages to remain in good standing in the program. They must also earn the grade of C or higher in all required content (language) courses and professional education courses prescribed by FLTE.

Students interested pursuing licensure must consult the Latin Language Program Coordinator (LPC) to construct an 8 semester plan as soon as possible after the start of the freshman year. Students should also consult the language advisor for additional information about the BA & General Education requirements. The Curriculum Preparatory to Teaching Foreign Languages is also available on the FLTE website. Candidates should consult the LPC for the list of courses used to compute these grade-point averages.

Minimum required coursework normally equates to 71 hours. The total hours may be reduced by as much as 16 hours through prerequisite credit for work equivalent to LAT 101-LAT 202 taken in secondary school. 

A minimum of 120 hours of credit is required for graduation. Students will normally apply in their sophomore year. For admission criteria and application guidelines contact the departmental advisor.

Departmental distinction: Students seeking departmental distinction must have at least a 3.5 average in relevant courses and should consult a member of the department's honors committee at the earliest opportunity.

Required Content Courses – Latin 

LAT 101 Elementary Latin I (or equivalent) 4
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II (or equivalent) 4
LAT 201 Intro to Latin Literature (or equivalent) 3
LAT 411 Intermediate Latin Prose Composition 3
LAT 401 Survey of Latin Literature (or equivalent) 3
LAT 491 Readings in Latin Literature (repeatable course) 3
LAT 460 Medieval Latin  3


CLCV class Any CLCV class on Roman topic or HIST 241 3
CLCV class Any CLCV class on Roman topic, archaeology preferred, or CLCV 132 3
CLCV 550 Introduction to the Teaching of Classics  4


Professional Education Sequence

A listed of courses can be found here.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.