The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers curricula for the preparation of teachers of Chinese, French , German, Latin, and Spanish.

Illinois law and Council on Teacher Education policy require that all applicants to a Teacher Education program pass the Illinois Licensure Testing System Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) to be formally admitted to an initial teacher licensure program. Alternatively, applicants may submit ACT scores in lieu of taking the TAP. To use an ACT score, the following must be met: 1) ACT composite score must be at least 22; 2) ACT combined English/Writing score must be at least 19 for tests prior to September 2015; or 3) ACT writing score must be at least 16 for tests taken September 2015 or after.

Illinois law and the Council on Teacher Education policy require that all Foreign Language Teacher Candidates pass the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) assessment in the language they intend to teach. The OPI is a requirement to advance to Student Teaching and must be passed at the score of Intermediate High (IH) or above prior to the start of Student Teaching. Any Candidate who does not pass the OPI prior to the start of Student Teaching will be unable to complete the program.

Teacher Candidates must maintain a minimum 2.5 (A+ = 4.0) cumulative and major grade point averages to remain in good standing in the BAT program. Teacher Candidates must also earn the grade of C or higher in all required content and professional education courses prescribed for the BAT.

Important Information for Students Interested in Applying to the Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Foreign Languages (BAT)

There are no professional education course pre-requisites in order to apply to the BAT in any language. Applicants may not take any courses from the professional education sequence prior to being admitted to the BAT. All licensure coursework must be taken in sequence as prescribed by the current configuration of the approved program.

For information about the current configuration, see the FLTE website at

All language courses and general education requirements must be completed PRIOR TO THE START of the senior year. Teacher Candidates’ schedules cannot accommodate additional coursework once the full professional education sequence has begun. Failure to complete all required content and/or general education courses according to the prescribed timeline can lead to the need for additional semesters in order to graduate and complete the licensure program. All applicants should complete an eight semester plan with their language advisor as soon as they think that they want to apply for the BAT program.

Completion of the content coursework by the end of the junior year is also required in order for Teacher Candidates to have maximum learning opportunities prior to taking the state-mandated licensure test in the content area. Passing scores on both the content test and Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is required to advance to Student Teaching.

Licensure testing should only be undertaken after being admitted to the BAT and when directed by the FLTE faculty or staff. Under no circumstances should the content test or OPI be taken in advance of the prescribed testing window!

Students who are interested in applying to the BAT should attend Admissions Application Information Meetings in the fall. The meetings are offered by FLTE and in early October.

There are specific field experience requirements when applying to the BAT. Details about the field experiences required of applicants can be found on the FLTE website: Applicants may not begin the required field experience without registering with the FLTE office.

Transfer Students Interested in the BAT

If you are a transfer student and would like to know more about and/or apply to the BAT, you must begin your explorations & inquiries with your language advisor. It is critical that you meet with the advisor and set up a semester-by-semester plan before you begin the BAT application process. Moving forward without consulting the advisor will lead to unnecessary work & an incomplete application packet, which can lead to disqualification of the applicant.

If you plan to teach French, German, or Spanish, Study Abroad options should be part of the discussion with the advisor as academic plans are formulated. A study abroad experience is not required to be eligible for the BAT. However, Teacher Candidates who do not go abroad for a summer, semester, or more before beginning the BAT, typically do not perform well on the Oral Proficiency Intereview (OPI), which is required by the state of Illinois in order to advance to Student Teaching. Study Abroad also supports teacher performance & knowledge in the classroom & on the edTPA, which is the summative licensure assessment.

General Education Requirements for the BAT

All BAT Teacher Candidates are expected to meet with the language advisor concerning general education and major requirements in the language pertinent to the BAT so required courses can be met and completed in a timely manner. Meeting with the language advisor early in the freshman year is essential!