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Clayton is a PhD candidate in his seventh year at Illinois; this year, he is serving at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO) as Classical Languages Cultural Program Coordinator, where he teaches grammar and reading courses in both Greek and Latin.

Clayton earned his Honors Bachelor of Arts in classics at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH in 2011 and an MA in classics at the University of Georgia in 2013. In November, he will defend his dissertation, completed under the direction of Antony Augoustakis, titled “Quid restat profugis? Exile and Power in Flavian Epic.” He argues that the epic poet Silius Italicus leverages exile and displacement as markers for the importance of the edges of imperial space. Writing roughly a century after Vergil, empire for Silius is no longer something that needs to be established by a morally excellent outsider like pius Aeneas. Rather, the Roman center has become a place of corruption, a city that forces its morally outstanding citizens to become outsiders, exiles. By creating new Romanized space and incorporating new peoples, the edges define most clearly the benefit of empire.

Clayton’s primary research focuses on Latin poetry (especially imperial epic and tragedy), Latin exilic literature, postcolonial theory, and intertextuality. He is also interested in the history of the American space program and is working on a project tracing the reception of the classical world in the iconography of early American rocketry and NASA in the 1950s-60s.

Clayton has two pieces forthcoming: one a textual note on Propertius 2.32 (Rheinisches Museum); and a co-authored chapter on death and ritual in epic (in the collected volume Epische Bauformen). A chapter of his dissertation on exile and return in the Punica is also under review with Michigan University Press as part of a collected volume of essays delivered at the University of Missouri in 2017.

Research Interests

  • Latin Imperial Epic
  • Exile and Displacement in Antiquity
  • Postcolonialism


  • Honors BA, Classics: Xavier University 2011
  • MA, Classics: University of Georgia 2013