Program in Latin

Spring 2018 Latin and Greek Tutors

Rates are set by the individual tutor and may vary. Please contact the assistant program coordinator, Clayton A Schroer, if you need, but cannot afford, a tutor.

Goebel, Clarissa (Latin and Greek)

MA candidate in Classics
3 years tutoring experience

Weed, Ashley (Latin and Greek)

Ph.D. Student in Classics
2 years tutoring experience

Hunt, Charlotte (Latin)

MA candidate in Classics
4 years tutoring experience (elementary school through university level)

Gipson, Chris (Latin and Greek)

PhD candidate in Classics
1 year teaching experience
1 year tutoring experience

McVey, Aine (Latin and Greek)

Ph.D. candidate in Classics, ABD
2 years tutoring experience
3 years teaching experience (Secondary School, Latin)

Stanull, Jennifer (Latin and Greek)

Ph.D. candidate in Classics
8 years tutoring experience
5 years of teaching experience (LAT 101 – 202, Classical Mythology)