greek flyer

Modern Greek Program

Introduce you to basic grammar and vocabulary of Modern Greek as well as invite you to form a perspective about social, cultural & political issues in Greece & the larger Mediterranean today

GRKM 202 & 204

LAT 201 Flyer

Catullus' Poetry

This course will help you transition from the introductory courses to the reading of authentic Latin texts with the aid of a commentary, helping you build upon your foundation of vocabulary & grammar skills

LAT 201/202

LAT 101 flyer

Build core vocabulary in Latin

Learn ancient stories in their original language. Understand the basics of Latin grammar. Start reading original ancient texts on your own.

LAT 101

CLCV 224 flyer

American Race and Ethnicity in the Classical Tradition

Interactions between American minority cultures and the reception of ancient Greco-Roman culture in literature, film & politics

CLCV 224

CLCV 220 flyer

Greco-Roman Antiquity in Native American Literature

Engagements with the languages, literatures, mythologies and histories of ancient Greece and Rome in a selection of Indigenous writers of North America from the seventeenth century to today

CLCV 220

CLCV 120 flyer

Decolonizing the Body

Eros and the Erotic in the Poetry of C.P. Cavafy

CLCV 120

CLCV 115 flyer

Mythology of Greece & Rome

Satisfies the General Education criteria for: Cultural Studies - Western Humanities - Lit & Arts

CLCV 115

Undergraduate Classics Club


The Classics Club is the official registered student organization for anyone and everyone on campus interested in classical studies. Students from all majors can join. Classics Club regularly hosts meetings featuring varied discussions of literature, philosophy, drama, and poetry, as well as movie viewings, trivia nights, and guest presentations by fellow students and faculty of the university.