Society for Classical Studies (SCS)
Awards & Fellowships
Prizes & Awards
The President's Award of the Society for Classical Studies
Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit
SCS Awards for Excellence in the Teaching of Classics at the College Level
Distinguished Service Awards
SCS Outreach Prize
Questions for 2010 Award Winners
The Forum Prize
Erich S. Gruen Prize
David D. and Rosemary H. Coffin Fellowship for Travel in Classical Lands
Koenen Fellowship for Training in Papyrology
Lionel Pearson Fellowship
The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL) Fellowship
Frank M. Snowden Jr. Undergraduate Scholarships
Pedagogy Award
Zeph Stewart Latin Teacher Training Award

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS)
Awards & Scholarships
​Book Prize for Authors
Bolchazy Pegagogy Book Award
CAMWS First Book Award
Grants and Awards for Classroom Activities
CPL Promotional Activity Award
Keely Lake Travel Grant for School Groups
Teaching Training and New Teacher Grants
Manson A. Stewart Teacher Training Awards
Manson A. Stewart Travel Awards
CAMWS New Teacher Awards
Teaching Awards for K-12 and College/University Teachers
Teaching Awards
Travel Grants for Students and High School Teachers
CAMWS Summer Travel Awards (Semple, Grant, Benario Awards)
CAMWS Excavation and Field School Awards
Undergraduate Student Awards
Faculty-Undergraduate Collaborative Research Grant
Manson A. Stewart Undergraduate Awards
Outstanding Accomplishment in High School or Undergraduate Classical Studies
James Ruebel Undergraduate Travel Award
Manson A. Stewart Teacher Training Awards
Language Awards
CAMWS Latin Translation Exam
CAMWS College Greek Exam
Phinney Book Prize (College Greek Exam)
Intermediate College Greek Exam Prize
Other Awards
Presidential Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student Papers
Special Service Award

American Classical League (ACL)
Awards & Scholarships
Meritus/Merita Awards: Recognizing Teachers of the Classics
The Charles Humphreys Award for Innovative Pedegogy
The Keely Lake Advocacy Award
Elizabeth Watkins Award

Eta Sigma Phi
Summer Travel, American Academy in Rome
Summer Travel, American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Summer Travel, The Vergiliam Society at Cumae
Archaeological Fieldwork, H.R. Butts Scholarship for Fieldwork in Classical Archaeology
Teacher Training, Bernice L. Fox Latin Teacher Training Scholarship

The Herodotus Helpline
Doris Post Essay Prize