We have been teaching Latin at Illinois for over 100 years! Our Latin program reflects the department’s traditional strength in classical philology (the close study of texts at the level of the word or phrase).

The Illinois Latin Program emphasizes:

  • Grammar and translation skills
  • Reading Skills 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Latin Morphology

The textbook is Learn Latin from the Romans by Eleanor Dickey (2017), which offers a thorough grammar-based introduction to Latin, enabling students to move directly to a real Latin prose.

The four introductory courses, LAT 101, 102, 201 and 202 (4 hours each) need to be taken in sequence. All are offered every term, but not usually in the summer (for summer study options, see the Latin Program Coordinator). Occasionally the sequence is offered in an accelerated version (LAT 105 and 106, 8 hours each). After LAT 202, students normally take 401 (3 hours). Courses above the level of 202 can be taken in any order.

Inquiries about majoring or minoring in Latin, Latin teacher education, or placement and proficiency evaluations if you have already studied some Latin, should be sent to latinprogram@illinois.edu

For further information: