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 Eric Hostetter

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Professor Emeritus


My research has focused on Etruscan and Roman art and archaeology. The study of the figural and banqueting bronzes from the Graeco-Etruscan port of Spina revealed much about the social, artistic, and economic interactions between Etruscans, Greeks and Veneti in a colonial emporium. Exploration of the Romano-British courtyard villa at Castle Copse in Wiltshire allowed the investigation of the succeeding relationships between an Iron Age hill-fort, native settlement, Roman villa, and Saxon market town. Excavations on the NE slope of the Palatine Hill demonstrated the complex dynamic of urban development in the imperial capital from the 3rd century B.C. through the present. Most recently, in a joint project, I have been establishing the dates and geochemical compositions of the last flows of water to the Baths of Caracalla. Lastly, a PBS documentary on the Tarahumara explored the complex relations between Indian and non-Indian in the Sierra Madre Occidental of northern Mexico!