Bosak-Schroeder wins Fellowship at UIUC Center for Advanced Study

Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Assistant Professor of Classics, has been recommended by the selection committee of the Center for Advanced Study (CAS) for an appointment as a Fellow in the Center during the 2021-2022 academic year. Her appointment is pending approval from the U of I Board of Trustees at its next meeting, in January. The appointment includes one semester of release time. During the year following her release time appointment, Bosak-Schroeder will be invited to make a lunch-hour presentation on her project, which is titled “Seven Wonders: Remaking the Past." The project counters white supremacist appropriations of Greece and Rome and imagines a new future for classical studies. Through the framework of reception studies, this book project examines how artists of color reinterpret the seven great monuments of the ancient Mediterranean. Their reinterpretations critique the modern construction of the ancient world as white and masculine, while simultaneously recuperating Greek and Roman identification with a multi-ethnic Mediterranean.