Faculty Publications

Epic Heroes on Screen, will be published in June 2018 by the Edinburgh University Press, edited by Antony Augoustakis and Stacie Raucci.

 Book 8 of Statius’ Thebaid (Oxford 2016)  edited by Antony Augoustakis.

STARZ Spartacus Reimagining an Icon on Screen (Edinburgh, 2016)  edited by Antony Augoustakis, Monica S Cyrino. 

Lucan’s Civil War (Hackett, 2015)  translated by Brian Walters.

Flavian Poetry and its Greek Past (Brill,2014)  edited by Antony Augoustakis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  Blackwell Companion to Terence (Wiley, 2013)  edited by Antony Augoustakis and Ariana Traill.

Brill's Companion to Silius Italicus (Brill, 2009)  edited by Antonios Augoustakis.

Martial's Epigrams Book Two (Oxford, 2004)  edited with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary by Craig Williams.