Latin and Greek Tutors

Latin and Greek Tutors                              Spring 2023

Rates are set by the individual tutor and may vary. Please contact the program coordinator ( if you need, but cannot afford, a tutor.


Dylan Gunn (Greek 101-102)                                   

B.A. Candidate in History & Religion

Tutors Greek 101-102

1 semester tutoring experience (middle school to high school level)


Elisa Jennings (Latin, Greek)                                                        

M.A. Candidate in Classics, with Illinois State Educator’s License (Latin), expected May 2024

Tutors Latin (all levels), GRK 101-202

2 years teaching LAT 101-202, CLCV 115 (Mythology) at U. of Illinois

Experience teaching ages 9-12 , “Meet the Greeks” U. of I. camp, June 2022 (aide)

B.A. Classics  Ancient Greek specialization and English – Linguistics specialization, with a TESOL certificate, May 2021

Ancient Greek and Latin Tutor for the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University, May 2021

6 years private tutoring experience from ages 10-35


Edric Lin (Latin, Greek)                          

B.A. Candidate in Classics (senior)

Tutors Latin 101-202, Greek 101-202

5.5 years tutoring experience (high school through university level)


Jacob Minin (Latin 101-102)                               

B.S. Candidate in Bioengineering with minor in Latin

Tutors Latin 101-202

2 years of experience tutoring Latin (Latin I-IV, equivalent to 100 and 200-level Latin courses)


Kay Neal (Latin)                                      

M.A. Classics – Latin specialization, May 2009

Tutors Latin (all levels)

Author of Endings (and Middles!), a reference book for the confused student of Latin, and of Teach Your Dog Latin.

Some training in oral Latin (ongoing)

2 years teaching LAT 101-202 at U. of Illinois

6 years teaching at Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, including founding a Latin Club

One semester teaching LAT 201 at Illinois State University

Over a decade of tutoring experience


Guy Rahat  (Latin, Greek, Hebrew)                         

Ph.D. Candidate in Classical Philology

Tutors Latin (all levels)

3 years teaching CLCV 115 (Mythology), at U. of Illinois

1 year tutoring experience

Emma Reymann (Latin, Greek)                       

M.A. Candidate in Classics, expected May 2023

Tutors Latin 101-202, GRK 101-102

2 years teaching Latin, grades 4-6

Experience teaching ages 9-12 , “Meet the Greeks” U. of I. camp, June 2022 (lead teacher)

2 years teaching CLCV 115 (Mythology), XXXX at U. of Illinois

2 years tutoring experience at the college level


Elizabeth Scherschel (Latin)                                 .

B.A. Candidate in Classics, Latin Concentration

Tutors Latin 101-102

Tutored high school for three years














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