Latin and Greek Tutors


Rates are set by the individual tutor and may vary. Please contact the program coordinator ( if you need, but cannot afford, a tutor.

Augustynski, Alexander (Latin 101-102, Greek 101-102)

BA candidate in Classics- Language Specialization

Informal tutoring experience


Labbe, Brendan (Latin 101-202)

BA candidate in Classics (senior) – Latin Specialization

3 years tutoring experience, High School

1.5 year informal tutoring, University (helping classmates in LAT 201/202, and a few students in CLCV 115)


Kay Neal (Latin)

MA Classics – Latin specialization, May 2009

2 years teaching LAT 101-202 at U. of Illinois

4 years teaching at Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, including founding a Latin Club 

Many years of tutoring experience


Neis, Jacob (Latin 101-202 and Greek 101-102)

MA Candidate in Classics

Teaching LAT 101 fall 2019, spring 2020

5 years tutoring experience


Daniel Stelzer (Latin 101-202)

BA Candidate in Classics

Informal tutoring experience




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