Latin and Greek Tutors

Latin and Greek Tutors                               Fall 2021

Rates are set by the individual tutor and may vary. Please contact the program coordinator ( if you need, but cannot afford, a tutor.


Kelly Freestone                                                          

MA candidate in Classics (PhD track)

Latin (all levels) and Greek 101-102

2 years college tutoring experience

2 years high school teaching experience (face to face, online)


Chelsea Hill (Latin 101 & 201)                                          

M.F.A. Candidate in Creative Writing - Poetry

4 years teaching experience in Latin

3 years formal Latin tutoring experience


Kay Neal                                                                                  

MA Classics – Latin specialization, May 2009

2 years teaching LAT 101-202 at U. of Illinois

5 years teaching at Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, including founding a Latin Club

Many years of tutoring experience


Ashley Kirsten Weed, M.A. (she/her)                   

MA Classics, curently Classical Philology PhD student      

GRK 101-491, LAT 101-491

2 years Latin teaching experience

6+ years Latin tutoring experience





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