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Faculty Spotlights

  • Dan Leon joined the Classics faculty at Illinois in 2014. His research focuses on how people use history to talk about themselves, especially in ancient Greece. He regularly teaches Greek at all levels as well as courses on Greco-Roman literature and ancient Mediterranean history.
  • Craig Williams has been teaching at Illinois since 2013. His research interests include Martial and Latin epigram, gender and sexuality in Latin literature and Roman culture, animals in Greek and Latin literature, and the reception of ancient Greece and Rome by Native North American writers. He has been a research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Freie Universit√§t and the...
  • Clara Bosak-Schroeder joined the department in 2015. Her work considers the intersection of Greek and Roman science and ethnography with reception studies and the environmental humanities. She chairs the Classics and Social Justice subgroup on mental health, disability, and chronic illness.   
  • Brett Kaufman joined the faculty at Illinois in 2018. He specializes in Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology, ancient engineering and design, and reconstructing management strategies of ancient and historical societies in the face of environmental change. He has directed archaeological excavations in Tunisia, China, and Italy, and has been supported by grants from the National Science...
  • Antony Augoustakis has been teaching at Illinois since 2009. He specializes in Latin poetry of the Flavian period (69-96 CE) and the reception of Classics in modern film.He has been President of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (2015-16) and has received the Society for Classical Studies Excellent in Teaching Award (2016) and aCAMWS Ovatio for Lifetime Achievement (2017).
  • Brian Walters has been an assistant professor at Illinois since 2013. He specializes in Latin literature of the late Republican period, especially Cicero, and the translation of Roman poetry.