Students may receive proficiency credit for LAT 101, 102, 201, 202 and LAT 199 (three hours).This is automatic for those who achieve sufficient scores on the Latin AP exam. For students who do not take the AP exam, proficiency credit may be earned through 1)taking and passing the first exam in the next course in the sequence with a grade of C- or better (i.e., a score of C on the first exam in LAT 201 qualifies the student for four hours of credit for LAT 102, which appears on their transcript as the equivalent of LAT 102 and counts toward their degree); 2)taking a proficiency exam (a modified version of a final exam for the class). Proficiency exams are created and administered by the Latin Program Coordinator on an as-needed basis. The exam is graded P/F (a 70% is a pass).