CLASSICAL CIVILIZATIONS (with an optional Mediterranean Archaeology track)

Class Title Hours

Classical Civilization and Archaeology courses chosen from the following courses. 12 hours must be at the advanced level (300 or 400 level).

NOTE: Majors choosing to specialize in Mediterranean Archaeology are encouraged to include courses in Ancient Greek and Latin as well as Modern Greek, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, or other relevant modern field languages in their supporting coursework.


CLCV 114

Introduction to Greek Culture  

CLCV 115

Mythology of Greece and Rome  

CLCV 116

The Roman Achievement  

CLCV 120

The Classical Tradition  

CLCV 131

Classical Archaeology, Greece  

CLCV 132

Class Archaeology, Rome-Italy  

CLCV 133

Archaeology of Israel  

CLCV 160

Ancient Greek & Roman Religion  

CLCV 206

Classical Allusions in Cinema  

CLCV 220

Origins of Western Literature  

CLCV 221

Odysseus and Other Heroes  

CLCV 222

Introduction to Greek and Roman Theater  

CLCV 223


CLCV 224

American Race and Ethnicity in the Classical Tradition  

CLCV 225

Greco-Roman Demo, Econ, Cult  

CLCV 230

Ancient Engineering  

CLCV 231

Development of Ancient Cities  

CLCV 232

Ancient Greek Sanctuaries  

CLCV 240

Gender & Sexuality in Greco-Roman Antiquity  

CLCV 323

The Comic Imagination  

CLCV 443

The Archaeology of Greece  

CLCV 444

The Archaeology of Italy  

CLCV 490

Topics in Classical Literature  

CLCV 491

Topics Classic Arch & Civ  
Supporting coursework in related areas of study chosen by the student and approved by the Department of the Classics Director of Undergraduate Studies. Can be from the student's minor or second major.   12
Total Hours   44


Departmental Distinction

Students seeking departmental distinction must have at least a 3.5 average in relevant courses and should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the earliest opportunity. B.A. in Classics theses typically fall between 9000-15,000 words.