Minor in Modern Greek

Students can choose the Modern Greek Minor track under the Classical Languages Minor. The Minor Form has to be completed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

While not required, a Senior Thesis enables a student to be considered for departmental honors. It is advisable to begin planning for the thesis during your junior year. 

Opportunities exist for study in Greece during the summer or an academic term for credit. For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Class Title Hours
GRKM 202 Elementary Modern Greek II 5
GRKM 403 Intermediate Modern Greek I 4
GRKM 404 Intermediate Modern Greek II 4
5 hours in GRK courses at the 400-level chosen from the following: 5

GRK 491

Readings in Greek Literature  

GRK 493

Independent Reading  
Total Hours 18


Minor in Modern Greek


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