2021 Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians Held by UIUC

The Classics Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is delighted to announce that it will be hosting the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians (AAH). This year’s meeting will take place in on online format from Thursday through Saturday, May 6-8, 2021.

Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Solange Ashby
  •  Prof. Carolina López-Ruiz "Mediterranean Histories and the Phoenicians" (Abstract: In my recent monograph Phoenicians and the Making of the Mediterranean (forthcoming) I explore the role of the Phoenician expansion in the Iron Age transformations of local Mediterranean cultures, especially the so-called “orientalizing” phenomenon. Building on that work, I want to discuss the Phoenicians as historical agents from a broader chronological perspective: These Levantines we know as Phoenicians were deeply intertwined with both regional and Mediterranean-wide historical processes, and even with modern (national) historical narratives, and yet they hardly have a Mediterranean-wide history of their own. This apparent paradox invites debate about disciplinary and interpretive issues, global Mediterranean perspectives, and the complexities of ethnic and cultural identities, including that of the Phoenicians. Along the way, I will make reference to some themes featured in the conference, such as monuments (privilege of Greco-Roman monuments over Phoenician remains, reception of Phoenician or orientalizing art) and of natural disasters and crises (the connection between geo-political changes involving Tyre and Carthage and the sixth century crisis in the western Mediterranean).

Those interested in giving a paper are invited to submit a 300-word abstract and short bibliography consisting of 3-5 items, using this form. Deadline for submission of abstracts is December 15, 2020 and applicants will be notified of acceptances by January 31, 2021.

The full CFP can be found here.

For questions about submissions, please contact Nicholas Rudman (nrudman2@illinois.edu)
For all other queries, contact Prof. Antony Augoustakis (aaugoust@illinois.edu)