Applicants to our Ph.D. in Classical Philology must hold an M.A. in Classics, or an equivalent graduate degree. If you wish to pursue the Ph.D. at Illinois but do not hold an M.A. in Classics, you should apply to our Masters Program in Classics and indicate in your application that you are interested in pursuing the Ph.D. in our program as well.

Admission Requirements


  1. Candidates are required to complete sixty-four graduate credit hours beyond the M.A.
  2. Twenty-four credit hours of Greek and Latin, with at least eight hours in each language and at least twenty hours at the 500 level. These must include Greek/Latin 595, if not taken previously; Greek 511 and Latin 511; and four hours of 580 in each language.
  3. CLCV 550 (if not taken previously) and four hours (or eight hours) of appropriate electives.
  4. Passing the qualifying examinations and the oral Preliminary Examination.
  5. The remaining thirty-two hours may be satisfied by a combination of coursework and a minimum of twelve hours of Thesis Research. PhD theses typically fall between 60,000-80,000 words. Only in exceptional cases will a thesis under the minimum be awarded credit. It is, however, permitted to exceed the maximum.
  6. Passing the oral Final Examination.
  7. Reading knowledge of two ancillary languages: a) German b) French or Italian. Knowledge of one of these must be demonstrated at the time of admission to Stage II and the second by the end of the second year at Stage II.