THE M.A. IN CLASSICS with Specialization in Greek (or Latin) is a terminal degree program. This degree does not lead to a Ph.D. in Classics, but it can be linked to graduate study in another field (e.g. Religious Studies or English). If your intent is to pursue a Ph.D. in Classics, then apply to the Masters Program in Classics.

Admission Requirements


  1. Twenty-four hours in Greek or Latin in regular courses, including GRK or LAT 411, with at least twelve hours at the 500 level.
  2. CLCV 550 and four hours of an appropriate elective. Students who wish to do so may fulfill this requirement by writing a Masters thesis; they should enroll in Greek/Latin 599 (Thesis Research). MA theses typically fall between 15,000-24,000 words. Only in exceptional cases will a thesis under the minimum be awarded credit. It is, however, permitted to exceed the maximum.
  3. Passing an MA exam in the translation of Greek or Latin.