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First established in 2008, the Modern Greek Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign joined other leading institutions of higher education (Harvard, Princeton, Yale) in offering classes in Modern Greek language and culture. All are part of the Modern Greek Studies Association. It continues an educational tradition started by the Chicagoland community with one of the nation's largest concentrations of Greeks and Greek-Americans in the world.

Starting in the Fall 2018 semester, the Program was moved under the auspices of the Department of the Classics to join our vibrant Ancient Greek and Classical Civilization and Archaeology Programs, under the directorship of Professors Antony Augoustakis and Angeliki Tzanetou.

Language courses at the Elementary and Intermediate levels as well as culture courses are taught by Maria Hadjipolycarpou. Students can pursue a Minor in Modern Greek.

In Fall 2021, we offer GRKM 201 (Elementary I) and GRKM 403 (Intermediate I). In Spring 2022, we offer GRKM 202 (Elementary II) and GRKM 404 (Intermediate II).

Every year, considering Greece in a global context and considering students’ practical and intellectual needs our language courses engage with a particular theme inviting students, faculty and community members to think and talk about that theme inside and outside the classroom.

2021-22: The year of COVID brought to the surface issues relating to domestic violence against women. In Greece in 2021 alone ten women were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends, and so many more have suffered abuse in the environment of their households. This year, we bring awareness to issues relating to women's rights and draw students' attention to instances of violence against minorities.



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2020-21: An ancient Greek and Roman practice of self, meditation is an exercise to train the mind through contemplation. In such times of crisis as this year’s COVID 19 pandemic, meditation becomes a useful tool to experiment with the limits of our mind and to remain focused and grounded in our daily lives as we continue to absorb new information. Learning a language is about mental training. It is about forming new pathways, reframing new information and exploring the world through the senses. A method for cultivating concentration and focusing attention while also experiencing reality from a level of peaceful appreciation, meditation prepares students to receive, integrate and reinforce new material in a new language.


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GRKM 201

This is a year long course for beginners who wish to learn Greek as written and spoken in Greece today. Students master a minimum core vocabulary and acquire basic language skills to perform a range of tasks and functions using an integrative skills approach. Students acquire knowledge and understanding of such forms of Greek culture as music and media.

GRKM 403

This year long course is designed for students already familiar with basic grammar and syntax of Greek and can communicate at an elementary level. It aims to develop proficiency in understanding, speaking, writing, and reading Greek. In addition to these skills, students are exposed to cultural content—newspapers, radio stations, short trailers, and poetry.



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