Luitpold and Barbara Wallach Scholarship


The Luitpold and Barbara Wallach Scholarship was established in 2019 by Professor Barbara Wallach of the University of Missouri-Columbia to recognize high achievement by Classics students.

Candidates will be evaluated on criteria including but not limited to: GPA in the major; performance in Classics courses; outstanding projects in Classics courses; current and past performance on national exams, such as the CAMWS Latin Translation Exam, the National Latin Exam, or the College Greek Exam; prizes given by the department, such as the Verse Composition prize and the Prize for Reimagining the Classics; high quality research, such as papers delivered at conferences; outreach efforts to promote classical studies; and involvement in classics related organizations such as the Classics Club and Eta Sigma Phi.

This year's scholarship (2024) will be conferred at the Classics Award Ceremony on May 10, 2024.



Past Winners

2023: Edric Lin and Tara Leininger

2022: Selina Lee

2021: Kyra Holzmacher

2020: Jacob Sorge